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EISA Award 2010: And the winner is ... yellow! Innovations Award for AQUOS LCD-TVs with Quattron Technology

EISA Award

In the eyes of the European trade press the best products in the TV field come from Sharp. The jury of the EISA(1) has voted Sharp's Quattron technology the TV Innovation of the Year 2010. Sharp is the deserved winner of this award. In Quattron the Japanese electronics group has achieved a new level of television quality, with even more brilliant pictures and outstanding environmental properties. Sharp’s current LCD TV line-up sets the benchmark for colour television in the 21st century.

The members of the European jury have voted and agreed: Sharp is the winner of the EISA Innovation Award for the TV category. Quattron four-colour pixel structure raises Sharp above other TV manufacturers, since it combines a quantum leap in the development of screen technology with outstanding energy efficiency and elegant design. With Quattron, Sharp has added yellow as the fourth subpixel colour to the conventional three-colour RGB pixel structure of LCD TVs. This guarantees even more natural and brilliant picture quality in both 2D and 3D.

The sun – an engine for growth: Sharp expands its solar business

Sharp Solar

Sharp is starting off business year 2010 with rising turnover in the solar industry: production expansion, strategic alliances and continued technological developments secure the company a leading role on the worldwide photovoltaic market. Sharp will be presenting microamorphous triple-junction thin-film technology, see-through modules and more at this year’s EU PVSEC in Valencia.

Sharp can tie in with the success of business year 2009 in the first quarter of 2010 as well: with over € 533 million (1), the technology company has increased its turnover in the solar segment by 65.7 percent in comparison with the same period last year. The share of the solar business within the overall corporation thus amounted to 7.8 percent – a value which should continue to increase on the long term: “Photovoltaics is one of our core business fields”, says Peter Thiele, Executive Vice President of Sharp Energy Solution Europe (SESE). “We are investing heavily in this future technology and continue to see great potential worldwide as well as for Europe in particular. Sharp is currently expanding its production in Europe to be able to serve this important market as best as possible also in the future”, Peter Thiele continues.

Quattron is the basis of the next generation of AQUOS LCD TVs

Sample image

In spring 2010, LCD pioneers Sharp revolutionised the flat TV market with the introduction of Quattron. Today, the addition of yellow as the fourth subpixel colour is the basis of all AQUOS LCD TVs for the coming years. Sharp is progressively expanding its LCD TV line-up, giving individual model ranges the extra benefits of 3D technology and direct internet connection. In the process, Sharp is continuing to provide the best picture quality, innovative design, good environmental performance and big screens.

Sharp is making a big impression at this year’s IFA in Berlin, with a line-up of more than 30 LCD TVs. The key feature of this line-up is the unique Quattron technology. For AQUOS LCD TVs, the addition of yellow as fourth subpixel colour brings improvements to both the brilliance of the picture and to energy efficiency.  The icing on the cake for the fourth colour is that Quattron guarantees the best 3D performance available from LCD TVs, with maximum brightness, brilliant three dimensional pictures and even lower energy consumption. The 3D model range LE925E from Sharp is particularly impressive.  This series, like the three new series LE924E, LE824E and LE814E, also includes AQUOS NET+(1).

Growth driver Quattron technology: Sharp is committed to four-colour technology for AQUOS LCD TVs in Europe


LCD pioneer Sharp is revolutionising colour television this year with its Quattron technology and once again setting new standards in its core business of LCD TVs. The Sharp AQUOS televisions with Quattron technology offer the best picture on an LCD TV currently available with the lowest energy consumption at the same time – in 2D and 3D. This means Quattron is the technological basis for Sharp’s LCD business and is becoming the company’s new growth driver. Particularly in conjunction with 3D, the four-colour technology represents a competitive edge and success factor in the flat-screen TV business, especially in the highly dynamic European LCD TV market.

Sharp can look back on extensive experience in the development of 3D technologies. Sharp is now presenting in Quattron 3D its technological approach for the brilliant display of three-dimensional pictures for screens in sizes of up to 60 inches. 3D is proving a hit with end users – DisplaySearch forecasts major success for 3D LCD TVs, particularly those with large screen diagonals: by the end of 2010 ten per cent of TVs sold in sizes of 50 inches and above will incorporate this technology.


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